What is a National Advisory Group (NAG)?

National Advisory Groups Role and powers: To contribute to the development and delivery of DRILL in each nation as follows:


Scrutinise and sift: With reference to the political, social and economic context of the relevant nation, and in line with agreed priorities and criteria, scrutinise, assess, sift and select proposals to go forward to the Central Research Committee (CRC).


Report and recommend: Report on selected proposals and recommend to the CRC for decision.


Promote and disseminate: Through members’ networks, promote DRILL and encourage the development of research proposals. Disseminate findings and learning and promote uptake by policymakers/ others, as appropriate.


Advise: Provide advice on any aspect of the Programme, as requested. For example, this might include advice on communications, quality concerns, barriers to progress, new issues arising, event planning, sustainability, etc.


Evaluate: Contribute feedback for the purposes of monitoring and evaluation of the Programme.  Each NAG will be overseen by the relevant national partner.



The maximum number of members on each NAG is 15. Members will include Disabled People, representatives of Disabled People’s Organisations and academia, research and policy making bodies and practice and professional leaders. Disabled people will form a majority on each NAG. The Chairperson of each NAG will be a disabled person appointed from among the membership and who is independent of the national partners.


Members are appointed in a personal capacity, not as formal representatives of their organisationsWithin the membership of each NAG, steps will also be taken to try to ensure these represent the range of interests relevant to each Nation including pan-impairment, equality, diversity, language and geography.  Nominations to fill any vacancies arising on each NAG will be considered and approved by the Programme Board, ensuring that it retains diverse involvement of experience, expertise and other interests.

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