Dewch a’n Hawliau i Ni: Maniffesto Pobl Anabl

Yn cyflwyno Dewch a’n Hawliau i Ni: Maniffesto Pobl Anabl. Ar ôl misoedd o waith a chydweithio gyda dros 200 o bobl anabl ac actifyddion o bob rhan o Gymru, mae’n bleser gennym lansio Dod â Ni Ein Hawliau: Maniffesto Pobl Anabl ar Ddiwrnod Rhyngwladol Pobl Anabl! Mae’r maniffesto yn amlygu llawer o feysydd allweddol […]

United Nations Convention on the Rights of Disabled People (UNCRDP)

In 2017 the UN Committee of the CRDP conducted its first examination of how he UK Government is protecting the rights of disabled people. Alongside partner disabled people’s organisations (DPO’s) in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland Disability Wales, launched a campaign to inform the committee on how some measures taken by the UK Government were […]

Streets Ahead

Inclusive access to high street shops and services. In 2004, a change to the law (the Disability Discrimination Act) meant that all service providers – for example shops, libraries, pubs, cafes, post offices, clubs – have to provide reasonable physical access into and around premises. This was done to make sure that disabled people are […]

Independent Living NOW!

“Independent Living enables us as disabled people to achieve our own goals and live our own lives in the way that we choose for ourselves.” Independent Living offers practical solutions for removing the barriers to equality and social inclusion that disable us, including in health & social care, housing, education, employment, transport and access to […]

Independent Living

Independent Living enables us as disabled people to achieve our own goals and live our own lives in the way that we choose for ourselves. – Disability Wales, 2010 The Social Model of Disability reminds us that we are disabled by the social, environmental, institutional and attitudinal barriers that prevent us from being able to fully participate […]

Access to Taxi and Private hire vehicles-CY

We have received numerous complaints from disabled people being refused journeys and charged extra because they require an accessible vehicle. These issues are for one, against the law and secondly completely unacceptable. Disability Wales and Guide Dogs Cymru is launching a campaign to change attitudes and ensure disabled people are treated fairly when using taxi […]

Dewch yn aelod heddiw i fod yn rhan o beth rydym yn ei wneud