Have your say: DW review of the UNCRDP and disability rights in Wales

Black text on a white background underneath the DW logo, it reads: Have your say, Disability Wales review into the UNCRDP and disability rights in Wales

Dear Members, 

We are conducting a review into the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Disabled People (UNCRDP) and disability rights in Wales.

It is important to us that we hear from as many disabled people as possible for this so we are conducting a survey for people to share their experiences and to ensure that disabled people’s voices are heard. 

Our manifesto research revealed that 76% of disabled people we spoke to didn’t think that disability rights in Wales would improve over the next 5 years and recently the Welsh Government has announced their intention to incorporate the UNCRDP into Welsh Law.

We want to find out what the situation is for disability rights in Wales and how far the Welsh and UK Governments are currently fulfilling their duties to disabled people. 

You can find the survey in various formats linked below. If you need any help completing the survey, please contact us at megan.thomas@disabilitywales.org or call us on 029 20887325. 

English language survey (Survey Monkey link)

Welsh language survey (SurveyMonkey link)

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