Factsheet: General Election 2024

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The General Election is taking place on 4th July 2024. 

This General Election will be different from previous years due to the redrawing of boundaries. This means that Wales will only have 32 MPs in Westminster instead of 40. 

The Boundary Commission for Wales gives a good explanation of the changes – Boundary Changes for Wales. It is important to have a look at this because it might impact you. 

This is also the first General Election that Photo ID is a requirement. 

Registering to Vote

This must be done by 11:59pm on the 18th of June 2024, click for more information about registering. You will need to have your name, address, date of birth and national insurance number to fill in the form.  

Ways to Vote

There are four different ways of voting; voting at the polling station in person, voting at the polling station anonymously, voting by post or voting by proxy. To vote in any way you must be registered. 

Voting in Person: if you have specific access requirements, for example: You are a wheelchair user and you know your polling station isn’t accessible, you should get in touch with your local electoral office to let them know. 

The polling station will have items on hand to help people vote, for example, a pencil grip, magnifying glass and tactile voting device. If you need something specific, please contact your local electoral office.

The presiding officer at the polling station can also help you vote. You can also take someone with you to help you vote; they must be over 18. 

If you have problems with voting because assistance isn’t being given; you should get in touch with your local electoral office and let them know. They should be able to intervene and help.

What to bring to the polling station:

New legislation means that you must take Photo ID with you to the polling station, the link shows a list of documents that can be used.

If you do not have ID you can apply free for a Voter Authority Certificate (this must be done by 5pm on the 26th June 2024). 

The photo on your ID must look like you, although you can still use your ID even if it has expired. Your name must be the same on your ID as what you registered with, but your address does not need to be. 

If you are voting by post, you do not need ID.

Apply to Vote by Proxy: You can have someone else vote for you in person if you cannot get to the polling station. You must register to do this by 5pm on 26th June 2024. You must trust the person doing this for you. They must be over 18, they must be registered to vote, they must have their own ID and they need to do this at your polling station. Unlike postal voting, you do need a reason to have a proxy vote.

Apply to Vote Anonymously: If you feel that your safety is in jeopardy from your name being on the electoral register, you can apply to vote anonymously. This application only lasts 1 year and will require documents to show how you or someone in your household could be in danger.

Apply to Vote by Post: You can vote by post if you are unable to get to the polling station in person. You must register to do this by 5pm on 19th June 2024, either online or at your local electoral office. You do not need a reason to vote by post. Here is a step by step guide on How to Vote by Post

Postal votes must reach their final destination by 10pm on 4th July 2024. If you are unable to post it yourself, you have different options. You can have someone you trust do it for you, return it to your polling station, return to the local electoral office or have someone from the local electoral services team collect it. 

All voting documents are available in different formats. Please get in touch with your local electoral office for different formats. Finding your Local Electoral Office – after typing in your postcode, details of your local electoral office will be available. This will give you all the contact details of your local council. Your polling card will have the details of your local polling station.

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