Bring Us Our Rights: Disabled People’s Manifesto

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Introducing Bring Us Our Rights: Disabled People’s Manifesto.

After months of work and collaboration with over 200 disabled people and activists from across Wales, we are delighted to launch Bring Us Our Rights: Disabled People’s Manifesto this International Day of Disabled People! 

The manifesto highlights many key areas for advancing equality for disabled people as well as offering policy solutions. The manifesto is being launched ahead of the upcoming Senedd Cymru elections next May. 

Disability Wales is calling for the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Disabled People (UNCRDP) to be incorporated in Welsh law. The UN Treaty comprehensively outlines disabled people’s rights, whether in education, employment, independent living or health.

Incorporation would mean that disabled people’s rights would have to be taken into account regarding every law enacted in the Senedd. It would also provide a framework through which Ministers would develop policy and public bodies and others would deliver services that impact on the lives of disabled people

Rhian Davies, Chief Executive of Disability Wales states:

“Disability Wales has been calling for the incorporation of the UNCRDP for a long time now and these findings show why. Many disabled people in Wales don’t feel that they are being listened to by those in power and are concerned that their rights are not on the agenda let alone being protected.”

Disabled people have comprised 68%* of deaths in Wales during the coronavirus pandemic and Rhian Davies says this “has exposed the stark inequalities faced by disabled people in society, and widespread instances of their human rights being in breach or potentially breached.”

She added, ” The Disabled People’s Manifesto has brought together disabled people from across Wales to give their views and talk about their priorities. It provides a vital tool for the next Welsh Government to help influence and inform their programme and ensure that the rights of 22% of the population are upheld.”

One disabled member has stated that:

“It’s not just a health and social problem. It’s everywhere. The whole system that we are still currently living in […] it’s out of date. Disabled people were not considered when it was being invented.”

The Manifesto includes practical solutions that would ensure that the UNCRDP is implemented in practice, including:

  • Inclusion of the history of disabled people and the Social Model of Disability in the curriculum.
  • Making Disability Equality Training mandatory at all levels of Government and public bodies.
  • Support the establishment of a disabled people’s organisation in every local authority in Wales.
  • Ensure the economic contract with employers and business in Wales incorporates enforceable measures to tackle the disability employment gap.
  • Protect the rights of disabled people in the workplace through ensuring access to discrimination advice services.

You can read the brief, as well as the manifesto in its entirety, via the links below. 

Easy-read versions

Hawdd ei ddarllen

Manifesto checklist / Rhestr wirio maniffesto

What can you do to make candidates aware of the DW Manifesto before the Senedd elections? We’ve got plenty of suggestions for you! Download your manifesto checklist below and join us in asking #BringUsOurRights.

Draft leter to candidates / Llythyr drafft i ymgeiswyr

Social media graphics / Graffics ar gyfer cyfryngau cymdeithasol

Join us in sharing the manifesto on social media using the hashtags #BringUsOurRights and #DWManifesto. You can tag us on Twitter and Facebook @DisabilityWales. We’ve got a few graphics for you to share too!

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