Disability Wales is Wales’ Disability Expert. As a national Disabled People’s Organisation and employer of disabled people, we have a wealth of expertise in how to reach and engage with disabled people as well as in recruitment of disabled people and creating an inclusive workplace.

We can provide bespoke consultancy services in relation to disability equality in the following areas:

  • Engaging and Consulting with Disabled People
  • Development and Design of services
  • Recruitment and Selection Policies
  • Staff Support and Development policies
  • Creating an inclusive and accessible workplace

We have experience in:

  • Arranging and delivering focus groups
  • Audits and Training Needs Analysis
  • Producing findings reports with recommendations

Organisations we have worked with recently include:

  • Welsh Government National Social Care Partnership Board
  • Victim Support
  • All Wales People First
  • Tai Pawb
  • Arriva Trains


Disability Wales has expert knowledge of the issues faced by disabled people in Wales. For 40+ years, we have influenced policy and practice across the Public, Private and Third sectors.

We recognise that access to affordable high-quality training is vital to enable organisations to deliver services that treat disabled people fairly and with respect. Disability Wales is committed to providing a range of professional courses that support sectors to design services that are inclusive and accessible to all.
We currently offer a range of general equality training or we can offer bespoke training; tailored to suit any organisation’s specific learning requirements and budget.

All our training is participative and delivered by disabled people.

Our courses include:

  • Disability Equality Training (DET)
  • Independent Living
  • Direct Payments and Citizen Directed Support
  • Knowing Your Rights as a Disabled Person
  • Planning an accessible event
  • Disability Hate Crime
  • Engagement with Disabled People

We also offer bespoke training; tailored to suit any organisation’s specific learning requirements and budget. If there is a particular issue your organisation wants to address then contact us to explore solutions.

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