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Including disabled people in the Wales Africa sector

In 2019, one of our member groups, Disability in Wales and Africa (DWA), secured funding to carry out research looking at the barriers disabled people face in Wales, when trying to engage with the Wales Africa sector. The ‘Including Disabled People research’ was carried out by Dr Natasha Hirst and Dr Alun Hughes. The project […]

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Brexit FAQ

On 6 June 2019, Cardiff University’s and the Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) Brexit Forum Project and Disability Wales teamed up to bring together academics, disabled people’s organisations, and Welsh Government Ministers to explore the implications of leaving the European Union for disabled people. The attached briefing provides answers to questions collected during the […]

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Technology for an accessible future

How technology is making the future more accessible for disabled people – by our guest blogger Elin Williams Each year the 3rd of December marks International Day of Disabled Persons and we’re honouring this year’s theme ‘The Future is Accessible’  by talking about technology and its contribution to the lives of disabled people. Many disabled […]

A photo of Elin Williams - a woman with a black top and striped trousers stands on a path surrounded by greenery

Blog for a more accessible future!

Blogging’s contribution to a more accessible future The 3rd of December has marked International Day of Disabled Persons for over 25 years; a day to celebrate equality, to recognise the rights of disabled people and to raise awareness of the situation and experiences of disabled people in every aspect of their day-to-day lives. A unique […]


IDDP 2019 List of activities on 3rd December 2019 The International Day of Disabled People is set by the United Nations to celebrate disabled people’s success in challenging disabling barriers and empower disabled people worldwide to fight for equal rights (UN 2018). On 3rd December – every year since 1992 – disabled people and disability […]

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