What We Do

DW is the national Disabled People’s Organisation, working co-productively with our members to tackle a wide range of disabling barriers in society. We want to see disabled people enjoying the same rights as others including access to housing and transport, opportunities in education and employment and the ability to fully participate in social and cultural activities.

As a membership organisation run by disabled people, we provide a strong voice and leadership to influence policy on the issues that matter to our members.

Our member Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs) cover all areas of Wales, campaigning on local issues and strengthening the work we do nationally.

Our services

Our members are at the heart of the organisation and we provide the following services and opportunities to support their growth :

News and information via our website, resource packs and toolkits, e-news and social media platforms

An annual programme of regional events, conferences and workshops for members and stakeholders on topical issues

Training and development opportunities to build capacity

Opportunities to influence Welsh Government, UK Government and public bodies through campaigns, consultations and research initiatives

A training and consultancy service aimed at promoting good practice among employers, service providers and policy makers

Support us

Wales has the highest proportion of disabled people in the UK, at 26%. We all have a huge task on our hands to tackle inequality and exclusion.

We are on a mission to empower disabled people and their organisations to create change locally, nationally and internationally.

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