Working as an intern at Disability Wales: Rosie’s experience

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Over the years, we have welcomed many interns to join the DW team to give them the opportunity to learn more about what we do and gain hands on experience in all aspects of our organisation. Our latest recruit was Rosie, a final year Cardiff University student. 

Having just moved into our new home in Cardiff, it was perfect timing for Rosie to join us at the office, too. The first student to do so since before the pandemic. 

Here, she reveals all about her time with us, what work she was involved in and what she learned along the way.

Take it away, Rosie!

On a hazy day, Rosie, a white woman with long blonde hair, stands against a railing in front of a body of water with buildings in the background. She wears a dark outfit with a beanie hat and is smiling at the camera.

Who am I?

My name is Rosie, and I am currently in my final year studying English Literature at Cardiff University. I am from Suffolk, East of England. 

The internship

With the help of Cardiff University, I received a work experience placement with Disability Wales, working as a Social Media and Communications Assistant.

Disability Wales is flexible with how you work, as they are happy to suit your working schedule. I was able to work hours that fit within my degree timetable. My placement was through a hybrid working format, where I was able to work in the office and at home when I needed to. 

As this placement was my first work experience placement, I was nervous at first. However, the DW team is friendly and supportive, therefore it was a very welcoming environment to fit into. 

The team helped me get started with their current projects and campaigns, and all the staff members were there for any help and information I needed.

What have I been involved with?

During my placement, I undertook and assisted in various areas of work. Disability Wales are happy to help you get involved with areas that you are particularly interested in and will tailor your experience to your interests. For me, I am particularly interested in campaigns and policy work. 

I assisted on the Cost-of-Living Crisis campaign, where I created content for DW’s social media platforms. I presented useful information and highlighted links to further support that disabled people might find helpful during the Cost-of-Living Crisis. 

In addition, I worked on creating content for Global Accessibility Awareness Day as well as posts to highlight the Social Model of Disability. The Social Media and Communications Officer was always happy to give me advice about the work or help me with any questions that I had.

I also worked on the ‘Rights Here – Rights Now’ project, where I assisted the UNCRDP Project Officer with letter writing and planning content for the DW website.

As well as campaigns, I assisted with policy work, where I shadowed the Policy and Research Officer at meetings such as the Cross-Party Group on Learning Disability, and I also assisted in research, where I researched Welsh MPs and potential MSs sponsors. 

During my placement, I was involved in different meetings. I was regularly involved in the staff weekly meetings, where I shared what I had been recently working on. I was also involved in other meetings, such as the Power Hour meeting and the Annual Conference planning meeting.

What have I learned?

From being shown how the organisation works, to learning about each team member’s role, I have learnt so much from my work experience at Disability Wales. 

Particularly, I have learned about the Social Model of Disability. Before my placement, I did not know what the Social Model entailed. However, after my time as an intern, I have learnt the importance and cruciality of implementing this model into society. 

Thank you Disability Wales for this opportunity, I would highly recommend getting involved with work experience at this organisation. 

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