Bring Us Our Rights: Disabled People's Manifesto front page which shows the DW logo at the top and then the title in orange/white writing on a dark green/blue background. Some key words such as disability rights and legislation are set in different colours in a word cloud on a white background.

Bring Us Our Rights: Disabled People’s Manifesto

Introducing Bring Us Our Rights: Disabled People’s Manifesto. After months of work and collaboration with over 200 disabled people and activists from across Wales, we are delighted to launch Bring Us Our Rights: Disabled People’s Manifesto this International Day of Disabled People!  The manifesto highlights many key areas for advancing equality for disabled people as […]

Launching our Disabled People’s Manifesto survey

The 2021 Senedd elections are approaching and Disability Wales wants to make sure that the voices of disabled people in Wales are heard, loud and clear.  We will be publishing a Disabled People’s Manifesto, informed and driven by the experiences of Disability Wales members. In the principle of the Social Model of Disability, we want […]

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