Wales National Advisory Group (NAG) membership

The Wales NAG is made up of the following members: 


Abu Askira

Business Support Officer, Care Council for Wales    


Anne Collis

Co-Director, Barod

PhD student, Bangor University


Dr Andrew Dunning

Senior Lecturer, Public Health, Policy and Social Sciences, Swansea University


Graham Findlay

Co-chair of the Wales National Advisory Group and a disability equality and inclusive design consultant


Dr. Debbie Foster

Reader, Employment Relations and Chair of Research Ethics, Cardiff University


Dr. Mark Llewellyn

Deputy Director, Welsh Institute for Health and Social Care, University of South Wales


Dr Beverley Morgan

Welsh Government Tackling Poverty Team


Joe Powell

Director, All Wales People First


Dr. Donna Reeve

Lecturer, University of Lancaster


Dr Steve Thompson

Senior Lecturer, Department of History and Welsh History, Aberystwyth University


Vin West MBE

Chair, Arfon Access Group   

Member of the Coalition on Charging Cymru

Co-Chair of the Wales Alliance for Citizen Directed Support

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