Unlocked Lives

We are so excited to present #UnlockedLives!

This is the Disability Wales video project that has allowed us to capture the private, everyday issues faced by our members through the different waves of the pandemic.

The project was made possible thanks to funding by The National Lottery Community Fund Wales.

The setting of a safe on-line workspace gave our participants a cue to offer a record of their life and thoughts during the pandemic. The accessible videomaking resources provided by the Disability Wales team, paired with the gradual introduction of industry-specific vocabulary and an emphasis on ‘demystifying the tech’ and on encouraging a commitment to output, has fostered enjoyable, easy-going skill-building in the group, and has so far helped in creating a great deal of compelling and powerful moments of self.


All of this has contributed to building a repository of self-expressive content, crafted into a final feature-length piece by Dogma Films.

Unlocked Lives is a timely project having given participants across Wales the opportunity to share their story at a time where so many disabled people have felt forgotten and unheard. 

Offering insights into a diverse range of experiences and backgrounds, the film promises to be hard-hitting but simultaneously laced with character, wit and joy.

Snippets of the film were shared on our social media channels throughout August with the videos reaching thousands of people and the trailer itself earning a retweet from Welsh actor, Michael Sheen!

Unlocked Lives – The Film premieres on Disability Wales’s YouTube channel on 17 September. Watch it here.

To watch snippets from the film, head over to our Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

A blog site has been produced as part of this project where you can view the many video blogs contributed by those involved. There is plenty of content to browse on there with more coming soon.

Visit the blog and enjoy!

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