Including disabled people in the Wales Africa sector

people discuss around a conference table

In 2019 we partnered up with Disability in Wales and Africa and Hub Cymru Africa on a research project, report downloadable here.

In 2019, one of our member groups, Disability in Wales and Africa (DWA), secured funding to carry out research looking at the barriers disabled people face in Wales, when trying to engage with the Wales Africa sector. The ‘Including Disabled People research’ was carried out by Dr Natasha Hirst and Dr Alun Hughes. The project was a joint venture between DWA, Disability Wales and Hub Cymru Africa. It was funded by the Welsh Government Wales Africa Grant Scheme and Susila Dharma Britain.

Although the research relates to the Wales-Africa sector, many of the findings are applicable to those in other sectors who would like to increase their involvement of disabled people in the projects and services they deliver. The findings explore what barriers disabled people face in getting involved as volunteers and what more could be done to improve inclusion.

You can download the report in English and Welsh below.

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