Working as an Intern at Disability Wales: Tyler’s Story

Working as an intern for Disability Wales, text on a light blue background. A quote in bold text underneath reads 'DW always made me feel included and a valuable team asset.

What is it like to work as a virtual intern for Disability Wales? We have welcomed many eligible students in Wales to join us as interns for a short period of time. Our most recent recruit was Tyler, a second-year English literature student currently studying at Swansea University.

We couldn’t let her leave us without writing about her experience. In this blog post, Tyler reveals all about her time with us.

Tyler, who has long auburn hair, wearing a beige coloured jumper

Who am I? 

I am a second-year English literature student, currently studying at Swansea University. 

My internship was organised with Go-Wales. Because of the on- going situation, they were able to provide an online experience, which was extremely helpful. 

I found it extremely useful to get some practical writing and editing experience at DW. 

The DW team were always super welcoming and encouraging of my input and allowed me to pick what interested me the most. 

Why Disability Wales? 

I chose Disability Wales because I think it’s an important and necessary cause to be working for, and after researching them I believe in their morals as an organisation. 

It also allowed me to work flexibly around my schedule, and they tailored my experience to my skills and interests. 

What have I been involved with? 

I’ve been involved in editing promotional videos, attending weekly team-meetings, and proof-reading documents. 

I got offered lots of opportunities to attend some of the Webinars that they provide. As a non-disabled person what I found interesting was seeing different perspectives of the issues and matters they highlighted; such as the lack of awareness of sickle-cell anemia and how to equip disabled graduates with the tools for career success, which was very informative and interesting. 

They allowed me to pursue my passion for writing blog posts and allow for flexibility to pick my working days, which was great as a full-time student. 

What have I learned? 

Even though my placement was online because of the ongoing situation due to the pandemic, DW always made me feel included and a valuable team asset.

It has given me a better understanding of the Social Model of Disability and some of the values and projects that they are working towards. 

It has also helped my confidence in being able to contribute to meeting discussions and be able to offer my input. 

I wanted to thank everyone at Disability Wales for this amazing opportunity.

Thank you to Tyler for her contributions to Disability Wales during her internship with us. We are always delighted to welcome students to our team. To find out more about student internships, visit this page

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