What will it take to pay the Living Wage in Wales? – Project

More than a quarter of all employees in Wales are paid less than the Living Wage – the minimum hourly rate needed to afford a decent standard of living.

The increase in the statutory minimum wage for over-25 year olds in April 2016 is welcome, but falls short of the sum needed to afford the basics.  Many organisations and campaigners support a further, voluntary increase in pay.

This project develops practical proposals to make a step-change in the number of people paid a real Living Wage in Wales. It will:

  • calculate the numbers and characteristics of people whose wages need to be increased to the Living Wage
  • identify the sectors and occupations in which those people most likely work and which should be the main focus of action
  • identify the local authority areas where action is most needed
  • make recommendations about the different types of action that can be undertaken and if any have been more more effective than others.

The findings will be based on a mix of analysis of statistics, reviews of evidence and case studies of successful action in Wales and elsewhere in the UK.  They will address the action needed:

  • in Wales as a whole
  • in the Cardiff City Region and
  • in Merthyr Tydfil.

The project is funded by the Coalfields Regeneration Trust, Cardiff Business School City Region Exchange, Oxfam Cymru, Chwarae Teg and Save the Children.

Start date:  1st April 2016   End date: 30th September 2016

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