Disability Wales statement on Autumn Budget 2023

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Recently, the UK Government announced their plans to change the benefits system under a new Back to Work scheme, they then reaffirmed their commitment to these changes in the 2023 Autumn Budget. 

Below is our statement, we stand firmly against this policy. This is another in a long line of Government policy that directly targets and harms disabled people. We understand the anxiety and stress that these proposals create and stand in solidarity with everyone affected. We are working with disabled people’s organisations across the UK to counter these proposals. From Austerity’s dark legacy to the appalling revelations from the COVID-19 Inquiry, we stand firm against these changes and continue pushing for a benefits system, designed with and for disabled people. 

Our statement: 

The proposed changes to the benefits system announced by the Chancellor of the Exchequer will have a devastating impact on disabled people.

The changes proposed to Work Capability Assessments could see disabled people losing £4,680 in income with disabled people being threatened with the removal of key entitlements like legal aid. 

The harm that this could do to disabled people is not justified by the ability to work from home, which is entirely dependent on individual employers. The Government’s focus should be on ensuring employers meet their duties under equality legislation by providing inclusive workplaces and making reasonable adjustments to support disabled employees.

This UK Government has demonstrated time and time again active hostility to the rights of disabled people. We stand in solidarity with disabled people in Wales and across the UK and urge the Government to scrap this proposal.

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