Direct Payment issues

on direct payments? let us know what issues and queries you have

Many of our members on Direct Payments have raised concerns with us regarding access to PPE as well as questions about employment arrangements for PAs where either the Employer is shielding or the PA is in self-isolation. We have fed these issues back to Welsh Government Ministers and I’m pleased to inform you that a meeting has been set up next week with WG officials and local authority representatives with the aim of clarifying matters.  

We are keen to fully represent the issues and concerns of members at the meeting, so do let us know any questions you may have or any experiences you may want to share with us. We will not pass on any personal details.

Please can you let us know by 2pm on Tuesday 5th May. If it will be easier to speak over the phone, let us know & we will arrange to call you.

Contact us on: or phone 029 20887325

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