From 2009 until 2015, Communities 2.0, a Welsh Government digital inclusion project, helped 60,000 to get online. Despite this good progress, 19% of adults in Wales remain digitally excluded.

The Wales Co-operative Centre delivers Digital Communities Wales, Welsh Government’s current digital inclusion programme. Digital Communities Wales aims to build on this good work, by developing existing partnerships and co-ordinating digital inclusion activities in communities across Wales.

Support We Provide

We work with organisations to help support digitally excluded people engage with technology.

Whether you’re working with older people, people with disabilities, unemployed people, social housing tenants or families in poverty, we can:

  • Train your frontline staff so they can confidently show people how to use technology
  • Support you to set up digital inclusion volunteering initiatives and recruit digital inclusion volunteers
  • Advise you on embedding digital inclusion into your day-to-day activities
  • Support you in developing new projects or activities to help you include elements of digital inclusion in your ideas
  • Build local partnerships amongst organisations which want to share ideas and co-ordinate activities with others in their area
  • Help you develop strategies and policies for digital inclusion

The Digital Communities Wales project is available across the whole of Wales to:

  • Libraries
  • Health & Social Care Providers
  • Advice Services
  • Older People’s Groups & Intermediaries
  • Disabled People’s Groups & Intermediaries
  • Local Authorities
  • Housing Associations & Housing Support Bodies
  • Communities First, Families First & Other Poverty or Family Support Programmes
  • Adult Learning Providers & Umbrella Bodies
  • Intermediaries Supporting Unemployed People, Including Employment & Skills Programmes

We’re always interested in working with organisations who support digitally excluded groups so if you don’t match one of the categories above but would like to receive training, contact the Digital Communities Wales team.


To access our service, please visit the Digital Communities Wales website where you will find lots more information and an application form.