Gill Styles

Finance and Compliance Manager

Gill Styles standing in front of a white wall and smiling at the camera. She wears a black jumper with a green and purple scarf along with a DW lanyard. Her light hair is worn up.

Gill is responsible for all financial matters including budget planning, development and financial reporting, and for ensuring that Disability Wales functions in a legal and ethical manner whilst meeting its organisational goals.

Gill is a qualified accountant who has worked in a wide range of businesses and organisations over the last 30 years, ranging from major banks to small charities. Most recently, she worked for a small mental health charity in Aberystwyth where she learned a lot about the practical challenges people can face every day, and the great work that is being done to support and empower them. Gill is keen to be a part of the team at DW and offer support, in her own way, to the organisation’s vital work. 

When not working, Gill makes the most of living on the edge of the Cambrian Mountains – walking, birdwatching, painting and fighting the slugs in the garden. Mae hi’n dysgu Cymraeg hefyd!

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