Tracey Blockwell

Tracey Blockwell in front of a plain white wall. She has short, slightly curly brown hair and wears a white blouse with a grey jacket.

Tracey is a nominated Board Member for Disability Wales.

Tracey was diagnosed with a heritable connective tissue disorder over 30 years ago, one of her sons has also inherited the condition. Through years of experience of the medical model of disability, she is now passionate about highlighting the Social Model of Disability. Tracey has an understanding of the complicated system of education and support for disabled children and young adults in Wales.

She became involved with the third sector in 2012, and later became a Trustee for the Disability Advice Project based in Torfaen. Through meeting other disabled people at DAP, Tracey became more involved within the community, raising awareness of the difficulties some disabled people encounter.

Tracey is currently Chair of Torfaen Access Forum, a Disabled Peoples Organisation based in Torfaen. They work closely with the Local Authority, highlighting some of the challenges disabled people face within the area. Housing, access to services, access to buildings, poverty all have an impact on the day to day life of some disabled people. It is important to highlight inclusivity and equality, as many disabled people in the community are isolated.

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