Cunqiang Shi (Felix)

Felix sitting by a desk wearing a shirt and jacket

Cunqiang Shi (Felix) is a PhD researcher at Cardiff Business School. Felix has been recently appointed to the Disability Wales Board. He was one of the early student interns recruited by DW via a partnership with GO Wales, which looks to support young students to find career experiences. Prior to that, Felix was involved with a number of disability organisations in China where he was born as a person with a visual impairment. He has considerable lived experience as a disabled person in both Chinese and UK contexts. 

Felix is currently finishing his PhD project which looks at the employment experience of disabled people in a changing political-economic context in China. As an international young member to DW, Felix is going to bring new insights and ideas to the board to strengthen the expertise of the organisation. 

Besides being a member of Disability Wales, Felix is also a member of the following organisations and associations:

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)

British Sociological Association (BSA)

Advance HE (formerly the Higher Education Academy)

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