Where to Turn

Affordable Computers

Get online @ home (external link)

Refurbished desktop PCs from £99 or laptops for £149 are available to charities or those in receipt of one or more of the following state benefits through this scheme.

Happus (external site)

Specialising in affordable computers and broadband for social housing, council, and housing association tenants, Welsh organisation Happus offer a range of PCs and laptops at reduced prices.

University help – DSA (external site)

Students studying at university with long-term health conditions or specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia or dyspraxia could be eligible for a Disabled Student’s Allowance (DSA) of up to £5,212 to purchase computer equipment.

Assistive technology

Eaccessibility Wales

The directory for software, hardware and computer settings to make your computer easier to use. Plus organisations in Wales who can offer you further help.


RNIB Online Today (external site)

Helping people with sensory loss gain and develop skills that allow them to use technology and the internet with confidence.

Discover IT (external site)

Discover IT is an innovative programme that gives disabled adults access to computers to develop their skills and interests.

Accessible Websites

Digital Accessibility Centre (external site)

The Digital Accessibility Centre (DAC) works with clients to create digital media that is accessible to all members of a population, and meets best practice accessibility standards and legislation.

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