EQuip Opportunities


Disability Wales’s EQuip project aims to connect disabled university students between 18 and 25 with Disabled Peoples Organisations. These are organisations that are led by and for disabled people and work in a range of different ways. These opportunities are unpaid.

These placements are for 48 hours, for example, 8 6-hour days. These are all held remotely. You will also be provided with resources on understanding the social model of disability and how to advocate for your rights as a disabled person. These placements are also available through GO Wales. To find out more about the project please see our dedicated webpage.

The following text refers to the placement opportunity for these DPOs. 


Celf-Able is an inclusive disabled and volunteer artist led organisation in Montgomeryshire. They provide opportunities for people to get together and do art in a social and supportive environment. Since the pandemic this has all been conducted online. 

Celf-Able are offering 3 potential placements. These are all on an ongoing basis so if there is no availability right now there will be opportunities until the end of the project (March 2022). 

  • Assistance with website content and accessibility

This role would entail helping to provide new content for the Celf-Able website as well as look at its accessibility and work on improving this. A knowledge of web design would be beneficial however it is not required for this role.

  • Assistance with business and fundraising strategy

Celf-Able, like many third sector organisations, receives funding from different grants. A fresh perspective in developing aims for their business and funding would be greatly appreciated. An understanding of business development would be beneficial however is not required for this role. 

  • Workshop Support

Celf-Able run weekly art workshops for their members via zoom. This role would help provide additional support in planning and managing these events. An interest in the arts, health and wellbeing would be useful for this role.

RCT People First Limited

RCT People First are a charity that is run by and for people with learning disabilities who live in the areas of Rhondda-Cynon-Taff, Merthyr & Blaenau Gwent. Their aim is to empower their members  to challenge prejudice and discrimination through training, education and support.

RCT People First are offering 1 potential placements. This is on an ongoing basis so if there is no availability right now there will be opportunities until the end of the project (March 2022). 

  • Creating content for social media and providing virtual support for workshops/meetings

Due to their workload, RCT People First have not been very active on social media and would like to correct this. They would also like to have some virtual support during workshops which would fit into the role.

For this role you should have a basic understanding of learning disabilities as well as a desire to learn more. Please note this placement would be set as one 3-hour day per week with RCT People First.

See Around Britain

See Around Britain & See Around Europe form a huge photo gazetteer throughout the UK and Ireland and mainland Europe, designed for everybody, including disabled people, to help decide if a venue will be suitable for visits. 

Its extensive use of photographs for a vast range of types of venue shows exactly what to expect when visiting them and can also include their covid arrangements for social distancing etc. See Around Britain & See Around Europe’s app is free and multilingual.

See Around Britain are offering 4 potential placements. These are all on an ongoing basis so if there is no availability right now there will be opportunities until the end of the project (March 2022). 

  • Venue Description Writer

See Around Britain are looking to enlarge their team to work on photographs that need to be uploaded with descriptors for their photographs. Training can be provided on how to do this. This role would also entail researching and collating essential information online to be provided on their website. For this role, it is desirable that you are self-motivated and understand the importance of avoiding plagiarism.

  • Photo/Video Surveyor 

The aim of the organisations website is to cover the UK and Europe. As such, it is important to keep adding more venues by the websites users and venue owners by contributing photographs or videos with a description following a provided template. See Around Britain would like more volunteers to help carry out these photos and videos of venues within their local area. An understanding of the basics of photography would be desirable as well as an understanding of accessibility requirements which will be beneficial to ensuring no details are missed.

  • Social Admin Contributor 

The organisation needs volunteers to write posts on their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts with the support of their social media coordinator. This input will make an important contribution to raising the profile of their national website and web apps and benefit the lives of many disadvantaged people. An understanding of social media is desirable for this role.

  • Admin and Editorial Support

See Around Britain are in the process of creating the ‘Doomsday Accessibility Survey’ of venues in Wales through volunteers using their smartphones. For this role, volunteers would visit every kind of venue in their local village to add to the website with photographic and/or video surveys of venues. This will bring more volunteers to upload their work to a safe holding area of the website which needs to be reviewed and edited before being published. Due to the range of volunteers that will be involved in this project, online editorial support will be needed to assist the Founder, the Editor in Chief, with the workload. Good knowledge of grammar and spelling as well as some administrative knowledge and/or experience is desirable for this role.

For further information about EQuip, please contact leandra.craine@disabilitywales.org.

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