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United Nations Convention on the Rights of Disabled People (UNCRDP)

In 2017 the UN Committee of the CRDP conducted its first examination of how he UK Government is protecting the rights of disabled people.

Alongside partner disabled people’s organisations (DPO’s) in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland Disability Wales, launched a campaign to inform the committee on how some measures taken by the UK Government were in breach of the convention. In September and October 2016, we held a series of events across Wales, inviting disabled people, carers and representatives to come along and tell us how their rights are being protected in Wales. With this information we created our response to the United Nations listing all the areas in which the UK and Welsh Government were failing to protect the rights of disabled people.

In March 2017, along with other UK DPO’s Disability Wales met with the United Nations Committee in Geneva and had the opportunity to tell them the issues that disabled people were facing in Wales. We returned to Geneva in August 2017 to meet with the Committee again and watch the UK Governments formal examination. You can track our journey to the UN and find out more about the convention here [link to convention page under rights section].

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