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Friday 5th May at 10am.


It is a shocking fact that over one million adults in the UK have borrowed money from a loan shark and are suffering as a result. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, more people have become financially vulnerable or are experiencing a worsening of their financial position. As the cost-of-living crisis continues, more people may be forced into debt and will turn to or consider borrowing money from illegal lenders or loan sharks.

Established in 2008 Stop Loan Sharks Wales investigates and prosecutes loan sharks throughout Wales. They also protect and support people who have borrowed from Loan Sharks, working in partnership with local Authorities, police, charities and housing providers.

Illegal Money Leaders aren’t always the people you think, often they will present as friendly and someone who is trying to help. However, this can quickly change and turn into threatening behaviour.

In this webinar, Stop loan sharks Wales will be talking about the impact of illegal money lenders, especially the impact on disabled people. 80% of Stop Loan Sharks clients have an impairment or health condition, loan sharks target disabled people as many disabled people claim benefits which mean a regular income which the loan sharks can prey on.

We will be sharing the signs of illegal money lending and what to do if you suspect it’s happening or have been effected yourself.


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