Welsh Government Update on Access and Outdoor Recreation Green Paper

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A consultation into Access and Outdoor recreation. – Natural Resources Wales


Planning our Future – is the consultation document – If you would like to respond, please do so directly.


A Word Format Consultation response form and other background reading also attached.


Taken from National Resource Wales.


Reason for this public consultation

This consultation contains a series of proposals which set out our intentions for the next three years and will be the main component of our Corporate Plan. We would like you to consider and comment on these proposals, which will help us prepare our Corporate Plan for 2014–2017.


We are a new organisation and this will be our first Corporate Plan. We want to ensure that we have considered our stakeholders’ views: we are keen to hear your ideas.


We have a very wide remit and limited resources so we won’t be able to do everything everywhere. We also have a large number of statutory duties; these responsibilities are laid down by law and we must fulfil them. We can’t – and don’t want to – do it alone. And we don’t have all the answers; we want to hear how we can learn and work with other organisations and groups in the best ways possible for the benefit of Wales.

We will publish our first Corporate Plan in March 2014. It will set out our strategic direction for the next three years.


 In this consultation we consider:

Who we are and what we do

Our purpose

Establishing our new organisation

Our people

Our finances

How we work with Welsh Government and how we can help deliver their four priorities for action

Our work: What we do

Our organisation: How we work

How we will measure success: Reporting our delivery


During the summer of 2013 we hosted 10 events where we and other organisations came together to talk about what we do and how we work. Over 130 organisations took part, from business and industry to specialist biodiversity and community groups. This gave us a wide range of views which we have taken on board in preparing this document.


By taking this time and listening to our stakeholders we already feel that we are in a stronger position to go forward. We now want to build on this and run a formal public consultation on our proposals. This will give an opportunity for an even wider range of contributions to help finalise our Corporate Plan.



For any further comments or queries, or to obtain this document in an alternative format, please contact corporate.planning@naturalresourceswales.gov.uk




Corporate Planning and Performance Team

Natural Resources Wales

Floor 2

Cambria House

29 Newport Road


CF24 0TP


Deadline: Friday 10th January 2014.


N.B. Disability Wales has previously inputted information in regards to Access and Outdoors recreation at a 1.1 meeting with a Welsh Government official from Outdoor Recreation and Landscapes Division.



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