UKIP Manifesto #GE2017

UK Independence Party

Disability Wales have looked through the main political parties manifestos for the upcoming General Election on 8 June.

We have put together a summary of each parties policies regarding disability equality which you can see on the following pages.

This summarises the key UKIP pledges that are most relevant to disabled people.


UKIP will create a £80 million a year fund for childminders and smaller childcare providers to buy equipment, staff training and adaptations to accommodate disabled children.


Disabled learners should have the choice to attend mainstream schools or specialist schools. UKIP will reverse policy of closing specialist schools and make mainstream schools accessible to disabled learners.

Health and Social Care

  • UKIP will invest an extra £2 billion a year into social care.
  • A national dementia plan will be rolled out to establish spending and research priorities. Spending on treatment and research will be trebled to £400 million each year.
  • Fund a pro-active co-ordinating service for older and disabled people in every county to combat loneliness, combining resources from across the NHS, social services and the voluntary sector.
  • Offer swift access to vital mental health services for patients diagnosed with debilitating long-term conditions and terminal illnesses
  • Provide direct access to specialist mental health treatment for all pregnant women and mothers of children under 12 months of age

Social Security

  • Attendance Allowance will continue to be paid from central government funds.
  • Promises to ‘end the injustice of personal independence payments’ but gives no detail about how
  • Abolish the annual assessment process for continuing healthcare funding in respect of those suffering from a degenerative, terminal illness
  • The Work Capability Assessments will be reformed, in consultation with disabled people and disability charities.
  • UKIP have stated they will not cut disability benefits.
  • Carers Allowance will increase to £73.10 per week
    End the bedroom tax
  • Allow housing benefit to be paid straight to the landlord.

Equality and Rights

  • UKIP will reserve postal voting for ‘those who can show a genuine need’
  • New Bill of rights removing jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights with the Supreme Court acting as the final authority on matters of Human Rights.
  • Will repeal the Human Rights Act.

Accessible Manifesto

MENCAP have provided accessible versions of manifestos. An easy read version of the Wales UKIP manifesto can be seen at the bottom of the page in the link:

The full UKIP manifesto can be viewed here:

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