The UN Disability Convention: Participation Questionnaire

The questionnaire is available until 24 January 2014.

This questionnaire is about the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled People (the UNCRPD, or the Disability Convention). You can find out all about the Disability Convention here and by reading our guide.

Are you a disabled people’s organisation? 

If you would like to arrange a meeting about the questionnaire, please get in touch: 020 7832 7824 


The next stage of the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s work on the Disability Convention is to make a submission on the ‘list of issues’ that they want the UN Disability Committee to consider. This helps to set the agenda for the examination of the UK Government’s report on implementation of the Disability Convention which is expected to happen in 2015. They are currently engaging disabled people on the issues to include in their submission to the UN Committee.


Later next year, they will produce their parallel report to the UN Disability Committee. If you provide them with your contact details now, they will be in touch at that stage to get your input to their parallel report.


The Commission has already held involvement and capacity building events with disabled people across England, Wales and Scotland. The priority areas listed in the questionnaire are based on what they told them about their experiences of the extent to which the rights under the Convention are working in practice


In Scotland, the Commission and the Scottish Human Rights Commission work jointly to monitor, promote and protect the Disability Convention. Therefore, there is a separate piece of work taking place in Scotland asking disabled people about what should be included in the UN Committee’s ‘list of issues’. If you live in Scotland and would like to participate please contact Laura Hutchison  or 0141 228 5956


In Wales, the Rights of Way project looked at Welsh people’s priorities under the Disability Convention. If you live in Wales, please use the questionnaire to let them know whether these priorities are still right.

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