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Accessible Housing

Looking for an accessible home: accessible housing registers in Wales

Disability Wales receives many calls from disabled people seeking suitable housing. In response we have developed this page to provide people with information about accessible housing registers (AHR) across Wales. These registers may assist disabled people to find a suitable place to live.

These registers are not available in all areas of Wales because there is currently no legal requirement to provide this service. Disability Wales recently researched the availability of AHR in Wales and to promote the benefits of such schemes:

  • as a tool to deliver equal access to housing for disabled people
  • to promote independent living
  • to help the Welsh Assembly Government and public bodies in the housing sector to meet the Disability Discrimination Act 2005 Disability Equality Duty

For further information about this research you can download a copy of the full report from the resources section on this page.

What is an Accessible Housing Register?

An Accessible Housing Register (AHR) is a register that:

  • identifies disabled people in need of accessible homes
  • identifies accessible properties, their location and characteristics, and
  • enables effective matching of people and suitable homes

Useful contacts for Accessible Housing Registers in Wales:

Other Accessible Housing Registers:



Good practice publications on AHRs

  • Good practice guide London (2002)

Project funded by the Welsh Assembly Government

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