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It may seem that a lot of what you read in the media is not good news, but there is a wave of media channels that are interested in presenting a more balanced view of the world. People’s Health Trust wants to support that initiative by working with you to tell your stories of positive change happening in your local communities.

“Journalists are questioning the fundamentals of news itself. There is a long held belief in the media that news should be about something broken, violent or disturbing,” said Charlie Beckett, former editor of Channel 4 News, in a recent programme on Radio 4. He was joined by other media figures including the founder of the Huffington Post, who talked about the growing popularity of stories that reinforce faith in human nature.

That’s why People’s Health Trust would like to hear from you, and hear about how positive change is happening in your local community.  They’d like to share your news with their readers online and offline – through film, their newsletter and digital media – to inspire others that are working for change in local communities and across the charity sector.

Share your stories. Whether it’s a 2 minute podcast, a short film, a collection of diary entries, some great photos, or if you’ve just got a great story to tell – they can help you find the best way to tell it and share it.

Email  if you have great content you’d like to share.

Read more about the positive news agenda.

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