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Defending Our Rights; Challenging Attitudes

Many thanks to all delegates who attended our regional events in June, we certainly had interesting discussions and feedback!

You’ll find below electronic copies of handouts and links to key documents that we referred to in our presentations. We have also explained how you can contribute to the UNCRDP review of UK and devolved Governments.


These provide updates on key policy areas we’ve been working on in the last few months.

1. Brexit & UNCRDP Timeline

2. Framework for Action on Independent Living

3. Parliamentary review

3. H&SC review discussion doc

4. Policy Briefing

5. Transport
1. UNCRDP infographic 1











Disability Wales along with other DPOs in the UK have submitted their response to the UN Committee’s List of Issues. The List of Issues shapes the way in which the UK as a whole, and Wales in particular in our case, can be held to account for how it treats disabled people.

We will have an opportunity to supplement our response and provide further evidence. If DPOs or individuals wish to submit evidence you can contact for us to collate your evidence and concerns.

We are looking into how individual DPOs may make their own submissions and we’ll keep you informed.


UNCRDP – The List of Issues


Previous reports and evidence submitted by DPOs:

CRPD shadow report – Welsh recommendations in full

UNCRDP Shadow report – DPOs GB 2017


The latest DPOs report to the Committee is not yet public but we will add it here as soon as we can. More information on our trip to Geneva in March here.

We will return to Geneva in August to observe the examination of the UK Government on 23 August (3-6pm) and 24 August (10am-1pm). This is a public meeting and will be live streamed – we will post details of how to access this when we have the information.

DW consultation responses

Disability Wales W&B rail consultation May 2017

Improving local bus services in Wales 31 May 2017


Ongoing consultations

We will use the evidence and comments from the event in our consultation response. You can email us with more information or respond as an individual or on behalf of your organisations through the links below:

Welsh Government Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle licensing

Parliamentary Review of Health and Social Care

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