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Welsh Language Policy

Disability Wales/Anabledd Cymru will endeavour to ensure that all who contact the organisation and use its services have the right to receive those services in Welsh or English whichever is their chosen language.

Disability Wales/Anabledd Cymru has adopted the principle that in the conduct of public business in Wales, it will endeavour to treat the English and Welsh languages on the basis of equality.

Disability Wales/Anabledd will endeavour to offer its members the opportunity to conduct their business with the organisation in Welsh and in English and will also offer subject to capacity printed materials in Welsh and English.  In line with its equal opportunities policy, Disability Wales / Anabledd Cymru also offers materials in Braille, large print, disc and BSL interpreters and signers are present, on request, at public meetings, events and conferences.

Disability Wales / Anabledd Cymru is committed to an Environmental Policy and so the environmental impact must be considered when providing printed materials.  Therefore, Disability Wales / Anabledd Cymru will ask members to choose in which language to receive printed materials, eg, Welsh or English.  However, some documents will need to be produced bilingually (conference papers, AGM papers and annual reports etc) as is happening at present.