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Website Accessibility

We are currently writing a document listing all the ways we have made this website accessible, but the likelihood is that the only reason you are visiting this page is because something on the websites is not working for you. In which case we would love to hear about it because if it is a problem for you then it is likely to be a problem for other people as well and we’d like to fix it quickly.

Please email website maintenance – SCL
Dan Conway: dan@scl.co.uk
James Moore: james@sclinternet.co.uk
01239 622 411
Eplain the problem and they will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Using the Keyboard to access this site

Tab Navigation

Tab navigation is the ability to navigate between hyperlinks and form controls with the tab key of your computer keyboard. Usually, pressing [Tab] will focus on the next element, while pressing [Shift + Tab] will focus on the previous element. To follow a link, [Enter] should then be pressed.

We have enhanced the visual effect built into your browser with a red border around the currently active element.


There is no fixed convention for accesskey assignment, so here is a list of how you can access parts of our site using particular key combinations, which are also explained.

  • AccessKey 0 – Independent Living
  • AccessKey 3 – Members Area
  • AccessKey 4 – Site Map
  • AccessKey 5 – Contact Us
  • AccessKey 6 – News
  • AccessKey 7 – Events
  • AccessKey 8 – Good Practice Toolkit
  • AccessKey 9 – Training and Consultancy
  • AccessKey A – This access keys page

Access Key Keystroke combinations

Different browsers use different keystrokes to activate accesskey short cuts, as shown below:

  • Alt + [the accesskey]
    • Internet Explorer for Windows
    • Chrome for Windows (not that Shift is required in some circumstances
    • Safari for Windows
  • Shift + Alt + [the accesskey]
    • Firefox for Windows
    • Firefox for Linux
  • Ctrl + Option + [the accesskey]
    • Safari for Mac
    • Chrome for Mac
    • Firefox for Mac
  • Shift + Esc in Opera displays a list of links for which accesskey attributes are defined, allowing users to choose the key they want to use


Listen to this website with BrowseAloud Plus


Whether you are using a Smartphone, Tablet, PC or Mac, BrowseAloud Plus will provide the speech and reading support tools you require for free.


What is BrowseAloud Plus?


BrowseAloud Plus reads website content out loud using the most natural and engaging voice to transform your online reading experience. New features include: Translator, Simplifier, Screen Masking for Touch Screens and the ability to personalise the settings to suit individual needs and preferences.


Other features include:

·       Dual-Colour Highlighting ·        MP3 Maker ·         Secure Site Reading
·       Text Magnification ·        Screen Masking ·         PDF Reading
·       Translator ·        Pronunciation Modifier ·         International Languages


More than 7,000 websites use BrowseAloud, so once you have it on your device you can listen to all of these websites too. For more information, please visit www.browsealoud.com


Who does BrowseAloud Plus help?


BrowseAloud Plus helps website visitors who require online reading support and those who simply prefer to listen to information instead of reading it. Those with print disabilities, such as dyslexia or mild visual impairments, and those with English as a second language find BrowseAloud Plus particularly useful.


How do I get BrowseAloud Plus?


Click on the BrowseAloud Panel that appears on the link to DW home page of this website to launch the BrowseAloud Plus toolbar then simply click any text to hear it read aloud.


Support with using BrowseAloud Plus


A full range of support services are provided for BrowseAloud Plus:

Web:     www.browsealoud.com/uk/support E-Mail:   support@browsealoud.com Tel:         0800 328 7910