Plaid Cymru Manifesto #GE2017

Plaid Cymru

Disability Wales have looked through the main political parties manifestos for the upcoming General Election on 8 June.

We have put together a summary of each parties policies regarding disability equality which you can see on the following pages.

This summarises the key Plaid Cymru party pledges that are most relevant to disabled people.


Plaid Cymru will support and encourage disabled people into employment without facing threats of sanctions.


Equalities and human rights

Plaid Cymru would create a human rights charter for Wales to defend the rights of Welsh people.


Social care

  • Plaid Cymru will produce a social care rescue plan which will help people to live independently
  • A Plaid Cymru ‘Carers Contract’ will help those who care for others.
  • There will be an extra £20 million for mental health treatment.
  • They will ensure that health and social services are simultaneously provided.


Social security

Plaid Cymru would end the bedroom tax and would like to see powers over social security devolved to Wales. With these powers they would ban private firms from carrying out benefit assessments for profit.


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The full Plaid Cymru Manifesto

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