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Message from Happus:

For the next 100 days, we will be making one person in every hundred  very happy!


As part of being one in a hundred with SmallBizUK this year we thought we would like to pass that feeling on by every 100th customer that completes an order with us be that, hardware or internet access, getting the cost of whatever they order for free!


With Christmas coming up and people looking for deals on low cost hardware and internet access, what better time than to push and promote not only digital and financial inclusion but to also give somebody the chance of being one in a hundred as well !


If you would like to use the logo and have the promotion/terms and details please let any of us know and we will send over everything you need to get this going and it also lets us keep track of who is taking part to help tackle digital inclusion and help the people they are working with


We have also decided to run the free tech, advice and entry skills telephone support for the same period so we can help continue making a difference


The people you are looking to help won’t know unless you tell them so please make sure the great deals we have, get to the people that would benefit from them the most and let them be in with a chance to be one in a hundred too!

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