Liberal Democrat Manifesto #GE2017

Liberal Democrats


Disability Wales have looked through the main political parties manifestos for the upcoming General Election on 8 June.

We have put together a summary of each parties policies regarding disability equality which you can see on the following pages.

This summarises the key Liberal Democrat party pledges that are most relevant to disabled people.


Increase accessibility to public places and transport by making more stations wheelchair accessible, improving rules for blue badges and setting standard for accessible cities.



Ensure that identification and support for special educational needs takes place as early as possible. All new educational; policies should have an assessment of how they affect pupils who have special educational needs, and ensure they adhere to duties under the Equality Act.



Raise awareness of, and seek to expand, the Access to Work scheme.



Roll out the Liaison and Diversion programme nationally, helping to identify people who have mental health problems, learning difficulties, when they first come into contact with the criminal justice system.


Health and Social Care

  • The Liberal Democrats will provide equal status for care for mental health as physical health.
  • Invest an extra £6 billion a year into the NHS and social care.


Social security

  • The Liberal Democrats will reverse cuts to new claimants of Employment Support Allowance (ESA) to those in the work-related activity group.
  • The Work Capability Assessment for ESA will be replaced with a new nationally assessment run operated by Local Authorities.



  • Liberal Democrats will continue the Access for All programme, improving disabled peoples access to public transport as a key priority.
  • Bringing into effect the provisions of the 2010 Equality Act on discrimination by private hire vehicles and taxis.


Additional commitments.

The Liberal Democrats have confirmed to Disability News Service (DNS) that if elected they will end all benefit sanctions, end the benefit cap and reverse the ’20 metre rule’ under Personal Independence Payment (PIP) that has resulted in many people losing their entitlement to PIP.

Accessible Manifesto

Liberal Democrats

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Full Liberal Democrat Manifesto.

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