Holocaust Memorial Day – 27th January 2017

During Nazi Germany, disabled people were victimised and blamed for being useless and a burden on society, preventing the economic success of Nazi Germany.

In 1933, the ‘Law for the Prevention of Hereditarily Diseased Offspring’ was introduced which saw the forced sterilisation of an estimated 360,000  disabled people including those with mental illness and physically disabled people as they were seen as being unfit to raise the children of the master race.

From 1939-1941 the Nazi’s carried out their T4 programme which saw the killings of an estimated 5,000 disabled children and 200,000 disabled adults in specially designed killing centres across Nazi Germany.

On Holocaust memorial day, we ask you to remember the adults and children who have been murdered across the world due to their disability and make a call for action to end discrimination towards disabled people across the world.

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