Conservative Manifesto #GE2017

Conservative Party

Disability Wales have looked through the main political parties manifestos for the upcoming General Election on 8 June.

We have put together a summary of each parties policies regarding disability equality which you can see on the following pages.

This summarises the key Conservative party pledges that are most relevant to disabled people.


The Conservatives will review disabled people’s access and amend regulations if necessary to improve disabled access to licensed premises, parking and housing.


Equalities and Human Rights

The Conservatives will continue plans to tackle hate crime committed on the basis of disability.



The Conservatives will aim to get one million more disabled people or people with a long term health condition into employment over the next 10 years, encouraging more flexible and distance working practices.

The Conservatives will work with employers to transform attitudes towards mental health and create positive workplaces. Outdated laws will be reformed to ensure that those with mental illness are treated fairly and employers fulfil their responsibilities effectively.

Health and safety regulations will be amended so that employers provide appropriate first aid training and needs assessment for mental health, and extend Equalities Act protections against discrimination to mental health conditions that are episodic and fluctuating.

Employers will be offered support and advice to ensure they are hiring and retaining disabled employees and people with long-term health conditions.


Health and Social Care

A further investment of £1 billion by 20/21 into mental health services.  The Conservatives aim to make the UK the leading research and technology economy in the world for mental health.

The Conservatives will introduce the first new Mental Health Bill for thirty-five years, putting parity of esteem at the heart of treatment.

One million members of the public will be trained in basic mental health awareness and first aid to break the stigma of mental illness.


Social Security

The Conservatives will ensure a sustainable welfare system, with help targeted at those who need it most.

Disabled claimants or those with a health condition will be given a personalised and tailored employment support.

To reduce the extra costs that an impairment or health condition can incur, the Tories will work with service providers to reduce costs to everyday essentials; energy or telecom bills.

Accessible information

The Conservative manifesto in accessible formats is here:

The full #GE2017 Manifesto is here:

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