Choose well for urgent eye problems

If you think you have red eyes, a foreign body in your eye, vision problems that came on quickly, eye pain or discomfort, or you’re seeing flashes or floaters, your local optometrist (optician) can give you expert advice on eye problems that need urgent attention and the best way to treat them.


A campaign has been launched in Wales to save the sight of people with sudden eye problems.  Health research shows that, unless people get examined quickly, some eye problems may lead to permanent damage.  Doctors, pharmacists, optometrists, public health officials and others in NHS Wales are joining together in the week starting 13 April to promote awareness of the need to take action if people have sudden eye problems.


The key messages of the campaign are:


Looking after the health of your eyes is important.

If you have a sudden eye problem you need to get help – the best place for you to go is your local optometrist.

Optometrists (opticians) are the experts and have better equipment than GP surgeries for examining eyes.

You can use any optometrist- you don’t have to be registered with them.

It is free of charge if you have a problem that needs to be looked at urgently.

You often won’t need an appointment and can be seen quickly.

Your GP, pharmacist or A&E is not the best place for you to go.Visit the Eye Care Wales website  and use the links on the right hand side to find your nearest optician.The campaign is being supported by Wales Council of the Blind, Optometry Wales, Sight Cymru, RNIB Cymru, and Public Health Wales.

For more information, visit the Welsh Government website href=

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