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Ask for a More Disability Friendly World for This Time Next Year

This 3rd December, we’re asking you what issues effect disabled people the most. That’s because the International Day of Disabled People is a time for promoting topics that disabled people want addressed. Our survey ensures that we’re representing you in the right areas. Based on how you respond, we can then do follow up work, or provide better resources for everyone. So, what would you like to be different by this time next year?


There Must Be Something You’d Like to Change.

What are the things that most exasperate you? What are the biggest barriers to disabled people in Wales, and where is the greatest potential for change? If you don’t answer, someone will decide for you. As disabled people, we know best about what needs to be done to improve our lives, and so it’s important to make our voices heard.


Take the Survey Here.

There’s only two questions. So put the kettle on and unload your mind over a cuppa. http://bit.ly/2gpKiOu

Thanks for getting involved – you’re making Wales a better place for disabled people.