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Mary E Powell

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A Diversity Management Consultant & Trainer

I am a qualified teacher, and have worked in the public, private and voluntary sectors since 1976.  I became self-employed in 2004 for two reasons.  Firstly because of the creeping consequences of Rheumatoid Arthritis and secondly, recognising the demand for diversity management and human rights / equality advice and training in the workplace.  Being self-employed enabled me to manage my energy levels but continue to work in a field to which I am totally committed.

My passion within the disability field is all about ‘invisible disability’, which is the dysfunctional bits in us that no one can see, yet continually and constantly affect our day to day living.

I look forward to working with the team in Disability Wales and trust that I can contribute to the great work that has been accomplished and yet to be achieved in the years to come.