TalkValleys, create change!

#TalkValleys Do you live or work in the Valleys or represent or provide services for people who do? Want to create real change in the Valleys? Come along and make your views known! 1st June 10 – 11am The Conference Centre, Nantgarw We would like to invite you to join us for a cuppa and […]

£88,000 ar gyfer project ymchwil Caerdydd o dan arweiniad pobl anabl

  £88,000 ar gyfer project ymchwil Caerdydd o dan arweiniad pobl anabl Mae Prifysgol Caerdydd wedi derbyn £88,077 fel rhan o raglen ymchwil gwerth £5 miliwn yn trafod byw’n annibynnol gan bobl anabl. Bydd project “Cyfreithiol Anabl?” yn ymchwilio rhwystrau ac atebion cyflogaeth ym maes y gyfraith ar gyfer pobl anabl. Clustnodwyd y cyllid gan […]

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DRILL success for Wales!

£88,000 for National Lottery funded research project based in Cardiff led by disabled people Cardiff University has been awarded £88,077 as part of a previously funded £5 million research programme into independent living for disabled people. The “Legally Disabled?” project will explore barriers and solutions to employment in the legal profession for disabled people. It’s […]

Could you access your right to vote?

Right to vote, right to access

Could you access your right to vote? Polling day – how did it go for you? Were you able to access your right to vote? We’ve been told about: A wheelchair accessible voting booth that had no screen around it and no privacy for voting; Polling stations that were too small or crowded for wheelchair […]

The Great Big Transport Survey

Tell us about your experiences of accessing public transport! If you don’t use public transport, that’s just as important. Please tell us why. All information given helps us to represent you to Welsh Government. This is the biggest opportunity in a long time to really change how our buses and trains work for disabled […]

Consultations and Surveys

Consultations and Surveys May 2017 This is the May round up of consultations and surveys that may be of interest to members:   Disability Wales Transport Survey We want to know your views and thoughts on the current bus & rail network in Wales and how it can be improved. The responses so far have […]

Disabled people's voting rights

Your voting rights Local authorities now have to take proactive steps to ensure that polling stations don’t disadvantage disabled people . All voters have a right to vote independently and in secret. A person who is registered to vote or who has been officially appointed as a proxy voter cannot be refused a ballot paper or […]

Local Council Elections

Get ready to vote! Welsh Local Elections 2017 On Thursday 4 May 2017, disabled people across Wales have the chance to make their voices heard, more than 3,400 candidates are standing for the 1,254 councillor seats across Wales, who will get your vote? The local elections are a chance for you to decide who will […]

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