Press Release: Innovative Research Programme to Improve Welsh Disabled People's Lives

All Wales People First and CARP Collaborations in Swansea are to receive a share of £400K being awarded across the UK this autumn. The money is for leading innovative new research projects exploring how disabled people can live as full citizens in our society as well as what changes and support will make that achievable. […]

Let's 'Talk Communities'

Communities First is likely to end. Let’s take this opportunity to tell Welsh Government what we think it should be replaced with. This is an opportunity to say how we think disabled people should be included in any new plans. During October, the Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Children, Carl Sargeant AM made a statement […]

At a Glance Response to the Autumn Budget Statement

Disability Wales’ has provided its first impressions of the potential impact of today’s budget announcements on disabled people. This budget appears to be largely targeted at supporting people who are in work but on low incomes. One good thing is that there is no intention to make further welfare ‘savings’. However, there are no plans […]

How to Survive Five Problems Disabled People Face

Some situations we face can feel nightmarish. Yet simply knowing what to do can reduce your stress levels significantly, and help you to overcome what life throws at you. Well, over the last few months, several supporters have written in for advice about problems that they’re facing. So here’s a summary of some of the […]

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